Capturing life as it happens...

Hey There!  I'm Julie :-)  I am a journalistic-style Photographer based in Wiesbaden, Germany.  I believe that memories are not stiffly-posed, but captured best when your true personality shines through.  I want you to interact with each other and laugh while we are taking pictures...I will capture these moments along the way for you to look at and remember for years to come.

I am a mom of FIVE (yes, I know how that happened)!  Each one of my kiddos is so very unique, but they are all 'wide open'! I have 4 boys and 1 girl (sandwiched in the middle of all those boys).  I love to talk about my kids and I have a seemingly endless supply of escapades to share. 

I have taught Photography & Photoshop for the Rankin Arts Photography program at Columbus State University.  I have also taught Photography to children in Title 1 schools in 3rd-5th grades through Empowered Youth of Columbus. 

My bottom line is that I am a photographer, a wife and a mother of five.  I love Jesus, I am passionate about Photography and I LOVE to share my passion with others!

I just love capturing all that God created...including YOU!!  :-)

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