These are fabulous!!! So many to choose from!!  W.L.

"WOW!! I love (our wedding pictures)!! We couldn't be more thrilled with them!" M.F.

"We love (our pictures)! Again, thank you so much for working with me on such short notice. You guys were amazing and made the day so much more memorable. You guys will always be part of our engagement story! :)" ~ M.R.

"I've seen photos from other professional photographers from prom and/or recent events. Their results don't compare to the work you do. I'm talking about the ones who you have to hock some jewelry to afford their prices. Thank you for great work at affordable prices!!" ~ D.M.

"Thank you for capturing these amazing photos! I am so anxious to see the others and I look forward to working with you again!" ~ A.D.

"She does great work!!! Highly recommend her!" ~ T.M.

"The pictures look amazing! Thank you so much again for doing such a great job." ~ K.R.

"Your talent is limitless. You amaze me!" ~ M.J.

"The pictures you took that I have seen look so pretty!  We are very pleased.  I cant wait to see the rest of them." ~ A.R.

"Hi Julie,  I just wanted to say the pictures you took of K are just amazing!" ~L.M.

"I am so excited to get our wedding images! :-)  You are the most amazing Photographer and I couldn't imagine anyone else to capture our special day!" ~ A&T

"I absolutely LOVED my engagement and wedding pictures from Wynning Photography. Julie is fantastic and great at what she does! She takes her time while taking the pictures and while she edits them to make sure every picture is perfect. She takes pride in her work and I strongly suggest using her for any pictures you need taken." ~ K.H.

"Beautiful Work by Wynning Photography and Julie Dice Wynn. THRILLED with her work and the design she made for our Christmas cards." ~ J.H.

"We were so blessed to have you photograph the girls' weddings. You have such an eye for detail." ~ F.T.

"Your photography is brilliant. Keep taking pictures because you have such talent."

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